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Pulsed-Light Curing Applications

Discover just a few of the many ways PulseForge® tools can be used in creative curing applications.

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PulseForge wants to help you tackle your photonic curing challenges.

Sample Photonic Curing Applications

Printed Silver Ink on Automotive Glass
Cure silver flexographic ink on PVC
Printed Silver Ink on PET
Cure silver flexographic ink on PET
Cure silver screen print ink on PET
Cure Nanowire Coatings
Cure conductive traces onto natural & synthetic textiles
Cure copper ink antennae on plastic tag
Cured antenna signal pathways from copper ink
Curing Solar Cells
Cure silver screen print ink on PEN
Curing battery composites
Printed copper ink on paper
Cure printed silver photovoltaic bus bars
Cure inkjet silver on PET
Printed silver ink on TPU
Curing liquid polyimide
Curing of semiconductors
Curing of dielectrics

And many more….

New and innovative applications for PulseForge’s tools and products are being developed every day. Let’s talk about how we can help with your unique project.

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