Doug Jackson

VP Engineering
Doug Jackson is Vice President of Engineering and leader of PulseForge Corp’s product design team. Doug is the chief architect of the modular power systems and high-intensity light emitters that are the building blocks of the PulseForge tools, enabling their scalability as well as their broad applicability to many industries.
Doug began as a research engineer in 2000 with Nanotechnologies, Inc. and was charged with solving the problem of collecting and packaging nanoparticles made by the pulsed plasma technology upon which the company was founded. After conquering this challenge, Doug turned his sights on the plasma synthesis technology itself, introducing radical changes that yielded >20X improvements in cost and scalability without sacrificing product quality. Doug has led the design teams across a wide variety of technologies from the idea stage through proof-of-concept and prototype, all the way to polished, manufacturable products. He has 14 US patents. Originally from Fort Worth, TX, Doug served in the US Navy as a nuclear reactor mechanical supervisor on the USS Carl Vinson, and as an instructor at the Nuclear Power Training Unit in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.