Mass Transit

Reduce Weight and Improve the Passenger Experience

Improve Mass Transit with Transformative Digital Thermal Processing™

Open up the design possibilities with new combinations of materials and processing.
Fuel efficiency and electrification, sustainable materials and manufacturing practices, safety and autonomous vehicles all demand advanced processing solutions, including in microelectronics manufacturing and design. PulseForge’s Digital Thermal Processing delivers improved capability, higher throughput, and freedom in design, without damaging heat-sensitive substrates and components. With PulseForge you can make open surface areas SMART without adding weight.

What could you do if you could solder and cure on paper, plastic, fabric, or recycled materials?

What if you could simplify assembly and maintenance? With PulseForge you can…


Highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D.


Powerful and configurable, the In-Line solution erases limitations.


Deploy as an integrated solution into your manufacturing environment.