PulseForge® Invent

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State-of-the-art photonic curing system

PulseForge Invent is highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D for development in a wide range of applications, including:

Exceeding our customer’s processing needs

Printed and flexible electronics are in demand in wearables, IoT , transportation, consumer electronics, and more. At PulseForge, our customers have a wide range of processing needs that the PulseForge Invent not only meets, but exceeds:

PulseForge Invent can sinter conductive silver and copper inks on PET, polyimide, paper or textiles. It is also capable of sintering CIGS and CdTe nanocrystal depositions.
The PulseForge Invent is capable of drying functional and graphic inks. As well as, drying and sintering plastic coatings.
The PulseForge Invent can provide crystallization of perovskite or OPV materials.
PulseForge Invent is capable of soldering standard RoHS lead-free solder paste on low-temperature polymers.
PulseForge Invent is capable of reducing graphene oxide and copper oxide.
Multiple Configurations Available

Find the PulseForge Invent that best meets your individual needs.

The PulseForge Invent base model is available with a single lamp driver – high energy models available with 2-5 lamp drivers.

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