PulseForge® Soldering In-Line

With substantially higher throughput, PulseForge Soldering In-Line revolutionizes electronics manufacturing.

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PulseForge Solder In-Line – SMEA 9851 compliant with high throughput – also available with input and output buffers.

Unrivaled processing times and highest throughput in SMT and PCB manufacturing

With the slow processing times of ovens, and one-terminal-at-a-time coverage limitations of lasers, current thermal processing solutions in microelectronics manufacturing are an expensive bottleneck.

Powerful and configurable, PulseForge Soldering In-Line’s high-intensity pulsed light solution erases those limitations – without damaging previously off-limits heat-sensitive components and substrates.

Processes in milliseconds – not minutes

Temperature selectivity means no damage to heat-sensitive materials and components (including sensors and batteries)
Flashlamps wide area enables multiple board level processing
Proprietary uncollimated light allows for processing on curved surfaces
Immediate on/off cycle translates to no idle time
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