Curing & Sintering

Cure on Heat-Sensitive Substrates in Seconds, not Minutes!

PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing™ cures thin films at high temperatures on low-cost, temperature-sensitive substrates, including paper and PEN.

Improving Manufacturing

Why It Matters

Because high throughput, sustainability, and design options in manufacturing matter to you. But conventional solutions are limiting:


Ovens are slow with lengthy idle warm up and cool down, return low throughput, and have high energy demands

Sustained Heat

Sustained heat of ovens damages heat-sensitive substrates, limiting design and substrate options



Substrate and design limitations


Lasers offer only one-at-a-time processing

Why We’re Different

In the manufacture of printed, flexible electronics, PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing™ cures onto inexpensive, flexible substrates – without damage!

And because PulseForge cures thin films at high temperatures on heat-sensitive substrates, it is the ideal digital thermal process for roll-to-roll processing on polymer and paper.

Growing Application Demands

Layers in devices require versatile thermal processing. Curing with PulseForge’s Digital Thermal Processing™ is uniquely suited for this manufacturing challenge in next-gen printed electronics:
PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing™ is a hyper-fast, reliable, and transformative curing process, exceeding the demands of design and production in printed electronics manufacturing.

The History of PulseForge

How a Camera Flash Changed the World of Printed Electronics

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