Advanced Soldering

Soldering for Heat-Sensitive Substrates in Seconds, not Minutes!
PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing™ enables the soldering of low-cost, temperature sensitive substrates such as paper, plastic, fabric, or recycled heat-sensitive materials with standard lead-free solder pastes.

New Technology

An advanced Soldering Solution using High-Intensity Flashes of Light

Conventional soldering solutions in electronics manufacturing can be slow, damaging, and inflexible, allowing limited materials and design choices. Powerful and configurable, PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing’s high-intensity pulsed-light solution erases those limitations – without damaging previously off-limits temperature-sensitive components and substrates.

Higher throughput and reduced carbon footprint? Yes, with PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing In-Line!

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Upwards of 85% Less Energy Consumption*

*Represents a specific, typical use case

The Beginning

We evolved our PulseForge curing tools into a new toolset that preferentially heats the solder, not temperature-sensitive substrates and components.

How It Works

Millisecond heating and cooling allows for replacing expensive substrates, such as ceramic, with inexpensive substrates like paper – all while processing with off-the-shelf SAC305. Further reduce costs with no tool warm-up, easy on-off operation, and no thermal soak time for parts or fixtures. And, with its compact design, PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing tools have a small production floor footprint.

Superior Technology

PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing delivers controlled IMC formation with wetted, low-void solder joints, and component self-realignment – even with SAC305, while ultra-fast thermal processing deliberately creates a temperature difference between solder and substrate.

Improved Performance

Soldering with high intensity pulses of light with PulseForge tools – PulseForge has rewritten the design rules that govern the design and production of electronic devices.


Enables the use of standard lead-free solder pastes on temperature sensitive substrates.


Multiple component types requiring different levels of heat can be soldered simultaneously.


Processing is much faster than conventional reflow soldering and is roll-to-roll compatible.

PulseForge Production Tool In Action