Sustainable Manufacturing Example

Reduced Energy Consumption

PulseForge’s Digital Thermal Processing™ saves energy when compared to other traditional processing methods.

Did you know?

The annual, combined energy consumption of only five conventional reflow ovens is 525,600 kWH, annually?*
Sustainable Manufacturing Example - Example graphic of reflow oven
That’s the equivalent of the energy used to run 50 US households for a full year!
Sustainable Manufacturing Example - Representative 50 homes graphic

But not with PulseForge!

The annual energy consumption of five PulseForge digital thermal solutions is 81,030kWH, annually.
Sustainable Manufacturing Example - Example graphic of PulseForge Unit
That’s the equivalent of powering only 7.5 US households for a full year!
Sustainable Manufacturing Example - representation of 7.5 households
An energy savings of 85%*
Reducing CO2 emissions by 318,000 lbs annually!

*Represents a specific, typical use case. Results may vary, depending on reflow ovens utilized, duty cycle process requirements, and materials.

Reduced Physical Footprint

PulseForge Soldering In-Line requires one-third of the space on your manufacturing floor, when compared to a standard reflow oven.

Sustainable Manufacturing Example - PulseForge vs conventional oven size graphic

How Do We Do It?

Reduced HVAC costs

No heating of the workplace environment means no additional load on expensive HVAC.

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No Sustained Heat

Our pulsed-light technology heats up only when it’s processing.


No Warm Up Needed

Simply switch it on and PulseForge is ready to go.

No cool down

PulseForge does not radiate external heat.

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Higher throughput microseconds processing, with 85% less energy consumption.*

How can we help your manufacturing become more energy efficient?