Our Vision

The Future of Innovation Depends on Manufacturing


There is no shortage of innovative design ideas. We all know that there are really cool products out there and incredible advancements that just can’t be produced affordably, nor sustainably. This pisses us off, and it probably does you, too.
Whether you are a designer, an engineer, or a tech junkie you are left wondering, what benefits for human kind are we all missing out on?

So what is the real problem?
The problem is Industrial Thermal Processing. “What is industrial thermal processing?” you may ask. Simply put, it describes a large section of manufacturing; all the heating processes that are used in production around the world. You see, most thermal processes are stuck in the 80s with hair bands, parachute pants, and mixtapes, and have become a major roadblock to today’s exciting innovations being realized. With all the advancement in products, the thermal processing methods in use today haven’t had any significant redesign or improvement in 40-50 years! This is what happens when you don’t invest in manufacturing. And now, it has become a major obstacle that affects us all.

At PulseForge, we envision a future free of manufacturing limitations. We are a group of marauding innovators, and we see how things could be…how they should be! A future where designers create freely and do not have to restrict or modify their designs in order to get them manufactured…a future where organic and recyclable materials can be more widely used…a future where electronics can be integrated into textiles, plastics, and recycled materials easily, affordably, and in volume. This future goes beyond electronics manufacturing and includes advances in semiconductors, additive manufacturing, packaging, drying, and cleaning processes as well.

Our view of the future definitely highlights advancements in technology and capability but it also includes making a real dent on climate change by meaningfully decarbonizing manufacturing. You see we are not marauding innovators with no conscience. We care deeply about responsibly stewarding our planet and its resources for this generation and many generations to come. We envision manufacturing taking a fraction of the energy it takes today. We think it can, and should, be more additive than subtractive. And most of the harmful and toxic chemicals used in manufacturing today are related to the thermal process. If we take a genuinely different approach to thermal processing, then we not only unlock innovation, but we also unlock significant reductions in pollutants and contaminants that are driving climate change.

Digital Thermal Processing™ is a different approach to manufacturing; a whole new category that makes this future possible. It is a new means of delivering applied energy for earth- friendly, innovative manufacturing across a diverse group of global markets. PulseForge has already begun working with industry leading OEMs, advanced manufacturing leaders, and materials companies across multiple industries in order to lay the groundwork for an ecosystem to make our vision a reality. This creates a path to producing electronic products that are far more energy efficient. Products that are significantly lighter (e.g. aerospace, automotive, wearables) and more compact than today. A future where new types of power generation in both batteries and solar are not only made possible, but made affordable for everyone. It will be exciting to see what we can help the world do with Digital Thermal Processing.

Join us in the fight to save innovation and the world!

Graphic representing sustainable environmental renewable resources