Photonic Pathogen Decontamination

The next-generation of pulsed-light pathogen decontamination reduces harmful pathogens and food-spoilage microorganisms in seconds! Ideal for high-volume in-line food, beverage, and packaging environments.

The Microbiological Problem for Food Processors

The food supply chain is constantly battling pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, and E. coli that contaminate food products during processing. Current processes utilize peracetic acid and millions of gallons of water a day to ensure the safety of our foods.

Producers interested in continuous improvement seek to meet the challenge presented by changing environmental conditions and microbiological adaption. By implementing PulseForge’s Photonic Decontamination System, producers can reduce the impact on consumers, factory workers, food, and our environment.

Pathogen decontamination of salmonella and campylobacter bacteria

The PulseForge Photonic Decontamination System

The PulseForge Photonic Decontamination System is a light-based, chemical, dry, system that can supplement or replace existing decontamination processes to improve results and reduce costs. The PulseForge Photonic Decontamination System provides repeatable, controlled, uniform, high-intensity pulsed light with the ability to shape energy delivery to suit processing needs. The system features a proprietary digital power delivery system and patented flash lamp that delivers both white and UV light to reduce population counts of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms at production line speed.

The pulses of light in our technology can be applied in multiple intensity profiles to meet in-line processing needs – delivering decontamination in small bursts of energy without harmful heat buildup. A new and superior choice for food decontamination in high-volume, tightly-regulated environments.

Pathogen decontamination of food products on automated processing line

The Multi-Hurdle Approach

For years producers have relied on a single intervention that has variable efficacy depending on the microorganism in question. With PulseForge's Photonic Decontamination System, Producers have a new hurdle that works similarly on Campylobacter and Salmonella surface contamination.

Longer shelf life

Photonic Decontamination works in cooperation with existing peracetic acid interventions boosting their efficacy. This combined approach potentially results in foods with longer shelf-life reducing waste at the grocery store.

Modular Design for Easy In-Line Integration

Decontaminates Conveyors

Producers seek to “clean as you go” to limit cross-contamination of conveyor surfaces.  PulseForge’s Photonic Decontamination System delivers continuous intervention without losing efficacy over time reducing chemical usage in the factory.

Integrated Production Tool

PulseForge flash lamps have a modular design that easily integrates with existing lines – delivering decontamination at vital points. The System matches the highest processing speeds and product decontamination profiles

Food Package Sterilization

PulseForge’s patented technology does not damage low-temp packaging or the food products they contain – pathogens from spreading and cross-contaminating during any step in the process.