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Committed to a greener world!

At PulseForge, we take our role in global ecology seriously – and we know you do, too. With our PulseForge Digital Thermal ProcessingTM solutions, we want to be your eco-partner in microelectronics manufacturing.

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Discover Digital Thermal ProcessingTM

Transformative Digital Thermal ProcessingTM solutions that enable faster, less expensive, sustainable manufacturing of innovative products in displays, packaging, solar, wearables, printed circuits and more.
Curing with PulseForge Soldering with PulseForge

Welcome to Industry 4.0!

Our high-intensity, pulsed-light Digital Thermal ProcessingTM solutions give you flexibility – with PulseForge, go ahead, push your manufacturing and product designs to the limit.

Solve Every Day Manufacturing Problems

Whether it’s soldering on curves, or a need for higher throughput curing traditional substrates, find out how our PulseForge solutions can help.
Curing with PulseForgeSoldering with PulseForge
Technology Highlight

Soldering components onto thermally unstable substrates with NovaCentrix’s proprietary flashlamp technology

Our high-intensity, pulsed-light Digital Thermal ProcessingTM enables soldering of standard lead-free solder onto low-melting-point plastic films in seconds or less – not minutes. Without damaging heat-sensitive substrates!

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