Semiconductor Processing

Surpass Expectations with Photonic Debonding

Semiconductor Processing Without Ash or Chemicals.

Be at the cutting edge with PulseForge Photonic Debonding

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The drive for Moore’s Law is relentless. New technologies throughout the semiconductor manufacturing cycle have to be the answer, and PulseForge delivers. Our debonding technology offers ash-free wafer separation with fewer contaminants and lower costs compared to lasers. Photonic Debonding is also uniquely suited for chip-embedded EMC wafers (fan-out packages) as we are able to debond warped wafers without any hardware or process changes. Our soldering tools offer on-wafer bumping at a fraction of the time and thermal budget so sensitive architectures don’t get damaged. Plus, explore our tools for unique cleaning solutions for ultra-fine-pitch features, dehydrogenation, and even novel TFT designs.

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