Fashion Wearables

Smart Clothing is Coming …
are You Ready?

Digital Thermal Processing™ is the answer

Flexible, stretchable, and curved!
Wearable Fashion Technology of model with LED clothing

Wearable technologies is moving into clothing to transform what we wear into a new communication interface. With a wide range of capabilities, from tracking our moods to monitoring our health, the next-generation wardrobe is coming. Digital Thermal Processing can bring your most innovative designs to life by allowing you to put solder and connective electronics directly onto fabric, paper, and plastic.

What could you do if you could solder and cure on paper, plastic, fabric, or recycled materials?

What if you could simplify assembly and maintenance? With PulseForge you can…


Highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D.


Powerful and configurable, the In-Line solution erases limitations.


Deploy as an integrated solution into your manufacturing environment.