IoT Technologies

Produce RFIDs, sensors, and batteries with sustainable additive manufacturing

Decarbonize the Supply Chain with Digital Thermal Processing™

Printed circuit tracking tag on a box

Sensing everywhere requires on-the-spot sensors, power, and signals. Form factor and weight cannot be sacrificed and must be prioritized. Digital Thermal Processing enables the product designs that make wide-use IoT possible. Freedom of design, high throughput, dependability, and choice in less expensive, flexible substrates are part of what we offer. You need PulseForge’s Digital Thermal Processing – a revolutionary approach to thermal processing that is unmatched in the production of IoT technologies.

Whether manufacturing tracking devices that must reliably transfer data in shipping and logistics, or producing learning thermostats, doorbell cams, and wireless devices that enable a better user experience, PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing™ is the only solution that processes in milliseconds without damaging heat-sensitive substrates and components.
Warehouse worker with tablet tracking shipments

What could you do if you could solder and cure on paper, plastic, fabric, or recycled materials?

What if you could simplify assembly and maintenance? With PulseForge you can…


Highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D.


Powerful and configurable, the In-Line solution erases limitations.


Deploy as an integrated solution into your manufacturing environment.