Photovoltaic Technologies

Enabling Advanced Photovoltaic Technologies, Materials, and Manufacturing

Digital Thermal Processing™ transforms solar panel and cell production

Enabling advanced photovoltaic technologies and manufacturing

From panels and cells for solar farms, to lighting up towns and cities, to charging batteries for outdoor wearables for military and recreational use, the demand for applications in solar energy continues to grow. From perovskites and CIGS, to traditional SI, PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing transforms solar panel and cell production. Process faster on lighter, curved, and flexible materials with the only wide-area solution available that does not damage heat-sensitive substrates and components.
Utilizing PulseForge tools with their ultra-fast processing and low energy requirement is inherently sustainable, and well-aligned with the needs of the industry. When combined with additive manufacturing such as for perovskites, which can be printed at a fraction of the cost and energy, the benefits for sustainable manufacturing and responsible Earth stewardship are compounded.

Design and build better products, while saving the planet.

Let us show you how we can expand the way you think about design and manufacturing, and make your wildest concepts come to life.
PulseForge Invent


Highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D.

PulseForge In-line soldering tool


Powerful and configurable, the In-Line solution erases limitations.

Integrated Thermal Processing - PulseForge Embed Tool


Deploy as an integrated solution into your manufacturing environment.