Inkjet Printing in Industry Book Cover

Dr. Vahid Akhavan and the PulseForge team contributor to new publication: “Inkjet Printing in Industry”  

Dr. Vahid Akhavan and the PulseForge team recently contributed to the publication “Inkjet Printing in Industry” from

This handbook provides an indispensable overview of all essential aspects of industrial-scale inkjet printing. Inkjet printing, as a scalable deposition technique, has grown in popularity due to its being additive, digital, and contact-free. Given these advantages, the technology can now be used in stable and mature industrial-scale applications. As the mechanisms for inkjet printing have improved, so too have the versatility and applicability of this machinery within industry. The handbook's coverage includes inks, printhead technology, substrates, metrology, software, as well as machine integration and pre- and post-processing approaches. This information is complemented by an overview of printing strategies and application development and covers technological advances in packaging, security printing, printed electronics, robotics, 3D printing, and bioprinting. Important topics like standardisation, regulatory requirements, ecological aspects, and patents.