PulseForge® 3300

Our PulseForge 3300 meets the need for processing printed Si inks, for both printed logic and photovoltaic applications, without damaging low-temperature substrates.

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Designed for application development and full-volume production

Designed for both roll-to-roll and conveyor-based materials processing, the PulseForge 3300 is optimal for application development and full-volume production for multiple industries, including:

Delivering maximum peak power

PulseForge 3300 delivers maximum peak power – the type of power needed to achieve very-high surface heating of the target semiconductor materials – without damaging underlying, low- temperature substrates.

With our proprietary flashlamp technology, the PulseForge 3300 gives you:

Exposures as short as 30 microseconds
Exact control of voltage and current
Successful processing conditions
No over-exposure leading to failed products
Freedom to choose heat-sensitive, inexpensive substrates, including plastic and paper
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