PulseForge Corp Debuts at CES 2022

PulseForge Debuts at CES 2022

Enabling Sustainable Manufacturing of Innovative New Products

PulseForge’s technology enables advanced concept for AR/VR/XR, Wearables, Automotive

LAS VEGAS, NV, JANUARY 5, 2022 – PulseForge Corp is pleased to announce its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5th – 8th, at Booth 9042 in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall. Pioneers of innovative thermal processing equipment, newly-created PulseForge Corp is based on technology already being used in the manufacturing of advanced consumer electronics and photovoltaics. PulseForge Corp will be showcasing the role of Digital Thermal Processing™ equipment in enabling sustainable manufacturing of advanced and innovative electronics product concepts.

PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing Tools

PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing tools resolve the limitations of materials and processing temperatures on product design and manufacturing. For example, the PulseForge tools can solder electronics and batteries directly onto thin flexible plastic in high volume, using off-the-shelf SAC305 solders. No longer are product designs limited by needing to use thick rigid substrates like FR4. Additionally, the base technology allows extremely rapid processing, completing soldering processing in seconds or less, improving upon the many minutes needed from traditional manufacturing methods. PulseForge customers are already using these tools to develop the next generation of AR/VR/XR gear, consumer and medical wearables, and even automotive interiors.

PulseForge’s Digital Thermal Processing equipment is also unmatched in its ability to cut the thermal processing time from minutes to just seconds or less– resulting in energy savings of as much as 85% and significant greenhouse gas emission reductions, meaningfully decarbonizing the supply chain. Additionally, when applied to additive manufacturing, waste is reduced and manufacturing is streamlined, further reducing carbon footprint.

“Launching PulseForge Corp means enabling the global market to make a leap forward in product innovation while simultaneously increasing manufacturing throughput, in many cases by 100 times, along with a smaller tool footprint and easier start-up and operation,” said Stan Farnsworth, Chief Marketing Officer of PulseForge. “Importantly, the tools achieve these results using dramatically less energy, saving cost and significantly reducing environmental impact. There is no downside.”

The powerful PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing tools offer unprecedented freedom in product design, throughput, and sustainability. With PulseForge, there is no penalty or premium for earth-friendly innovation.

During CES 2022, PulseForge guides will be available for consultation at Booth 9042 in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall regarding design, manufacturing, and sustainability.